Buckingham Blitz Terrier Trials

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This year's 

Buckingham Blitz Jack Russell Terrier Trial

is July 9-10, 2016.


trial location:  Buckingham Farm

13040  60th Ave SW  -  Raymond, MN 56282

To see what it's all about, click here to see the video from our 2010 trial!

Thank you so much to everyone who has come to our past trials.

We look forward to another fun trial in July 2016!

Events we offer:


Youth/Child Handler


Jackpot Racing


Super Earth

Lure Coursing

Barn Hunt

Brush Hunt


Open Agility (all breeds)


Conformation judges: John Broadhurst & Lynn Clough

GTG judges: Ted Ely & Don Gaskell

* We appreciate donations to our Saturday raffle - you'll receive ten free tickets for each basket!

This is a fundraiser for the trial to help us cover expenses and keep the trial going. *


To contact us:

Alex Iden:    [email protected]  –  320.212.8827

Melissa Baggenstoss:   [email protected]  –  320.310.1111


* Event sanctioned by the JRTCA. All official JRTCA rules apply. Official JRTCA website: TheRealJackRussell.com *