Buckingham Blitz Terrier Trials

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2018 Trial Program and Entry Forms

We are using TRIAL VAULT again this year. Please complete your entries online
with Trial Vault in order to make things more efficient. Once you've used it the first time,
you can then complete entries for other trials that use Trial Vault much quicker!
For each dog, it automatically shows you the classes available according to its sex, age, height, etc.
Then you just click the box for each class you'd like to enter. Then onto the next dog.
Just put in all of your own information and for each of your dogs first, and you're all set to begin.
It then saves all of your information to use for the next trial that uses Trial Vault. So cool.

Don't worry—it is NOT software you need to download. It's all online and easy to use. You'll love it!
Works on any computer system (whether PC or Mac), iPads, Android, tablets, etc.

Please note that class numbers are different each day for the same classes
since Trial Vault needs to keep them separate. If you are entering by mail,
please keep that in mind when entering your class numbers. Thank you!

You can enter online here (preferred method):

If you need to enter by mail, let us know! Email Melissa at [email protected]

Paypal account to send payment for entries: [email protected]
Please use the "friends and family" option so we don't get charged fees. Thank you!

* Please email Melissa with any questions: [email protected] *